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Hogwarts Sex-Ed by Svenly Hogwarts Sex-Ed by Svenly
(EDIT 8/26/2010: I removed the asterisk that said the pornographic movie was Y Tu Mama Tambien, it isn't a pornographic movie and looking around online at all the people who commented on reposts of this comic showed me that of all the weaknesses of the comic the use of that movie was the least funny, especially without explanation. Just the idea of Snape showing a porno is good enough, though I would prefer to fix the whole last panel if I had the original file. But whatever.)

Disabled comments because my inbox was getting flooded (and I'm tired of people who comment and decide to critique on stupid things that I don't care about and don't help me improve what I do. This was only a few people, but it was more than I desired to read. If you don't like this, don't comment, don't fav it, move on. I do it all the time, so it isn't that hard.)

Just for fun, it was something I thought about far too much when I was younger and thought would be fun to draw and share. I know electronics can't be used at Hogwarts, but for a moment pretend they can. This is more about the differences between the houses then anything else.

(8/26/2010 Here is the original explanation about the movie just so people know that if they see versions that still have the asterisk they can have my stupid explanation of why I chose that movie)
The "pornographic movie" that snape is showing is Y tu Mama Tambien. It is not really a porno, but saying ' pornographic video' flowed a lot smoother then 'Y tu Mama Tambien. Anyway, I saw the movie when I was an inocent 15 year old and it wasn't quite what I was expecting. The description said a heartwarming tale of two friends. For those of you have seen it you will know that there is nothing in it to warm your heart, especially since it has one of the saddest endings in history, and there is a lot of sex, not hardcore, but you see mostly everything. But the story reminded me of something Snape would relate to.

Harry Potter c. JK Rowling
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September 3, 2007
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